Reflection and changes

I watched the stream flow past, I visit this place often. We used to walk there, in another time.

I went back to that place, so I could see something familiar, something in life that hadn’t changed. Yet, as I watched the water rush, I realized that the stream I thought I knew wasn’t the same. The water that flowed past was all new.

Life is ever changing, it’s in constant motion. Despite my efforts to hold back the hands of time, they continue onward.

When I think of you, I think about my reflection in the stream. I think about how things changed, how my hands could’t stop the winter winds from coming, how my legs couldn’t outrun the night. I think about how my words, my touch, and my love couldn’t stop you from leaving.

When the thought of you appears in my mind, I feel hurt by the sting of reality. I have to close my eyes and let you and those memories flow away, just like the stream.




Pain and memories

I waltzed with you through the seasons, I loved you for many reasons.

I don’t pretend to know why you chose to say goodbye.

With all that was said, drifting through my head. I can see you still, laying in my bed.

This love was like vodka, it put me in a trance. But in the end, it was a poisonous romance.

In my brown eyes, you said many things, but I like to think about them, despite the pain it brings.


The café

I past by that place we last kissed, those times we had are dearly missed.
I watched you walk away, not knowing the words to say.
If I called out, darling I love you, would’ve stopped the pain that would ensue.
Was this love happenstance, or perhaps real romance?
At the end, I don’t know, perhaps this is how destiny was meant to flow

In the sea

I tried to make sense of these feelings, this nebulous plethora of pain and pleasure. To love someone, is there really anything more dangerous?

I lost myself in this sea of passion, I dove into its depths without hesitation. There was no fear that gripped my heart, only this innate, primordial instinct that pulled me to you.

I sink now, watching the surface slip away, the light, the world, you, all of these things slipping from my hands as I drift into darkness.

My heart beats, where are you, whoever you are? I need you now, it’s time for you to dive into my sea and rescue me.

Swimming alone

I wonder sometimes, do you ever think of me? Do you ever smile when you think about me cuddling you? I wonder these things, because swimming in an ocean of memories all alone hurts far more than knowing we both take swim from time to time.

– Dev

Scars and pain

The most painful scars are those unseen, caused by something so obscene.

It’s the kinda of pain solitude can resurrect, the kind of pain with strong effect.

I can feel those arrows when I’m alone, deep in my dreams my heart will groan.

Yes, these scars go deep, but somehow I’m getting back on my feet. This pain you caused, I will defeat.

I don’t know if you enjoyed watching me hurt, in my hard times you chose to desert

It doesn’t matter now I suppose, you’ll not have me to get you chocolates next time it snows.

I was blamed for everything done wrong, you betrayed me like a siren’s song.

I gave you my all, I’m not ashamed, but I’m confused as to why my heart is the one maimed.