In the sea

I tried to make sense of these feelings, this nebulous plethora of pain and pleasure. To love someone, is there really anything more dangerous?

I lost myself in this sea of passion, I dove into its depths without hesitation. There was no fear that gripped my heart, only this innate, primordial instinct that pulled me to you.

I sink now, watching the surface slip away, the light, the world, you, all of these things slipping from my hands as drift into darkness.

My heart beats, where are you, whoever you are? I need you now, it’s time for you to dive into my sea and rescue me.


Swimming alone

I wonder sometimes, do you ever think of me? Do you ever smile when you think about me cuddling you? I wonder these things, because swimming in an ocean of memories all alone hurts far more than knowing we both take swim from time to time.

– Dev

Scars and pain

The most painful scars are those unseen, caused by something so obscene.

It’s the kinda of pain solitude can resurrect, the kind of pain with strong effect.

I can feel those arrows when I’m alone, deep in my dreams my heart will groan.

Yes, these scars go deep, but somehow I’m getting back on my feet. This pain you caused, I will defeat.

I don’t know if you enjoyed watching me hurt, in my hard times you chose to desert

It doesn’t matter now I suppose, you’ll not have me to get you chocolates next time it snows.

I was blamed for everything done wrong, you betrayed me like a siren’s song.

I gave you my all, I’m not ashamed, but I’m confused as to why my heart is the one maimed.

Autumn night

I settled into this somber day, I watched the autumn leaves fall and the children run and play.

It’s always a surprise to see how time flies.

I’m sitting, wrapped up in thoughts, memories have me drunk, like vodka shots.

I found it useless to grasp at the past, somethings in life weren’t meant to last.

But, I sometimes like to visit you there, a time in life when I hadn’t care. No beauty on earth could even compare, to smiling moments two lovers share.


After you

What this heart break did to me, it removed my heart’s anonymity.

No longer am I afraid to say, please babe, won’t you stay?

I have felt the pain of losing out, but that doesn’t mean it’s love I doubt.

Each day I long for something more, but I’ve yet to pull myself from the floor. 

I remember you asked if we should shut this door, and I remember my pride kept me from saying anything more.

I felt the pain of love lost, I feel that I payed the ultimate cost.

The depth of my soul knows no bounds, the passion I have always astounds.

In nights deep black, I lay alone. The sounds of my memories begin to moan.

The sadness is almost a friend, reminding to be careful for fear of the end.

My eyes have known a thousand years, like a great river, I’ve many tears

The wind blows on my shoulders tonight, but this vodka makes things seem right.

My mom asked me if I fear death, I asked how can I, it’s in each breath.

I plummet deeper into entropy, you’ve stolen many pieces of me.

I’ll toast to you this night, give me some time, and I’ll be alright.

When you’re in your bed, perhaps you should think about the things I said.

Lips traced

I drink more now, I miss having that connection. Being loved is life’s confection.

Having a soft hand lay upon my chest, that’s the only time I have good rest.

I find myself alone quite often, sometimes I really feel forgotten.

I hate this confusion, false attractions and life’s illusion. My bleeding heart, a familiar contusion.
I can be strong, I’ll wear a happy face, but I miss the familiar lips my fingers would trace.