Swimming alone

I wonder sometimes, do you ever think of me? Do you ever smile when you think about me cuddling you? I wonder these things, because swimming in an ocean of memories all alone hurts far more than knowing we both take swim from time to time.

– Dev


For my friend

For you my friend, who listened to my pain.


You listened while I lamented, you heard me out when I vented.

You told me things I didn’t want to hear, just because you wanted it all to be clear.


All the while you had your own dealings, someone you cared for hurt your feelings.

I know you struggle with many things, I know at night your heart stings.

I am impressed at your ability to conjure a smile, I’m impressed by your strength all the while.

You are a rarity, you shouldn’t be ashamed. Don’t let your heart ever be tamed.

Hold your child close to your heart, that’s a relationship that will never part.

Whenever you need to talk, you know I’ll be here. In your future, there’s no room for fear.

Scars and pain

The most painful scars are those unseen, caused by something so obscene.

It’s the kinda of pain solitude can resurrect, the kind of pain with strong effect.

I can feel those arrows when I’m alone, deep in my dreams my heart will groan.

Yes, these scars go deep, but somehow I’m getting back on my feet. This pain you caused, I will defeat.

I don’t know if you enjoyed watching me hurt, in my hard times you chose to desert

It doesn’t matter now I suppose, you’ll not have me to get you chocolates next time it snows.

I was blamed for everything done wrong, you betrayed me like a siren’s song.

I gave you my all, I’m not ashamed, but I’m confused as to why my heart is the one maimed.