Autumn’s cold


The café

I past by that place we last kissed, those times we had are dearly missed.
I watched you walk away, not knowing the words to say.
If I called out, darling I love you, would’ve stopped the pain that would ensue.
Was this love happenstance, or perhaps real romance?
At the end, I don’t know, perhaps this is how destiny was meant to flow

In the sea

I tried to make sense of these feelings, this nebulous plethora of pain and pleasure. To love someone, is there really anything more dangerous?

I lost myself in this sea of passion, I dove into its depths without hesitation. There was no fear that gripped my heart, only this innate, primordial instinct that pulled me to you.

I sink now, watching the surface slip away, the light, the world, you, all of these things slipping from my hands as I drift into darkness.

My heart beats, where are you, whoever you are? I need you now, it’s time for you to dive into my sea and rescue me.

Swimming alone

I wonder sometimes, do you ever think of me? Do you ever smile when you think about me cuddling you? I wonder these things, because swimming in an ocean of memories all alone hurts far more than knowing we both take swim from time to time.

– Dev