Looking at you

My mind goes back to a family party at your house, one of the last ones I attended. I sat outside with the ‘Chus’ as they drank and played cards. I knew it made your dad happy, but I always wanted to be inside with you. I kept looking through the window, and my eyes always found you. My world existed in that view, all encompassed in your smile. You always made me so proud. I loved knowing that you were mine and I was yours. I loved looking at you from outside, just watching the way you moved, laughed, spoke… The scene plays in my head over and over, like a bittersweet daydream. It’s a scene that makes both my eyes water and my lips curl.

I loved to study you, to fully take in every ounce of your being. Darling, when you smiled at me, my heart fluttered like a butterfly’s wings. Your lustrous eyes exuberated love as I carefully studied every lash, every color.  The proclivity I had for your lips was insatiable, my truest addiction. You must’ve grown tired of my touch, yet my thirst for yours was unquenchable.

But, I’ve lost that all now. In an instant, my world vanished, but I suppose you were slipping from my hands for some time. Rather, I couldn’t see it. Through the folly, I couldn’t see our love fading away. Looking back, had I known the last kiss would truly be the last we shared, I would’ve never let go, I would’ve happily stayed in that moment until my last breath escaped me.


Author: howedevon

I'm always chasing the horizon

3 thoughts on “Looking at you”

  1. Is there really such love as you describe it here? There’s so much passion in your words. If only we could all find that type of sincere selfless love.

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    1. I guess the world is scared of feeling that way for someone. I think that this love exists, but what’s scary is that when things don’t workout, it’s truly crushing. I suppose love is like walking on the edge of a precipice, the closer you walk to the edge the greater the love and the greater the risk. Most people stay far enough back, wary of the fall. But, sometimes you find someone that brings to that scary wonderful edge. I really appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot.

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      1. You’re very right, people are very weary now to give all themselves to someone as it can be crushing if it doesn’t work out. Or they do give themselves to someone and it still doesn’t work out. I say might as well risk it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I like to believe that true love does exist.


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